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Branding, marketing and advertising are important parts of every business. Even more so when you have a corporate product launch, or are launching a new business. It is essential that you do something a little bit different so your product or brand really stands out.

In the case of Ketel One vodka, they could have had shot girls handing out flyers. However, once the shot is drunk, what happens next? The flyer is dropped on the floor? Or maybe it’s put in the bin, left on a table, stuffed in a pocket and thrown away in error, or if you’re lucky someone writes their number on it for you.

Is that really how you want people to remember your brand? Of course not! Elegant Design wants you to be remembered, for the right reasons.

Corporate Product Launch – It’s what we do!

To launch a new product, like vodka, you need to do something exciting. And that is where we came in!

Ketel One vodka and All Bar One approached us to help them with a summer promotion. Asking us to create a vibrant and botanical feel to their All Bar One site on Regent Street in London. The vibrant and botanical feel was easy for us to create. Well placed Elegant Design bespoke flower walls and beautifully styled floral foliage created the perfect match and feel for the Ketel One vodka brand.

Here at Elegant Design we strongly believe that first impressions count. This is something we really focused on for this client, placing two floral pillars at the entrance to really frame the venue. This showed off the entrance to All Bar One perfectly. An eye-catching tropical display that grabbed people’s attention and stopped them in their tracks.


This is exactly what you want
from a product promotion!

Furthermore we made sure that the scene was perfectly set and reflected their brand throughout the entire venue. As a result our client was not let down. The floral theme ran seamlessly from the impressive entrance continuing through to the inside, using artificial foliage accompanied with bright tropical flowers. Together creating a fabulous exotic atmosphere to the corporate product launch.

In addition to this was the main attraction, our brightly lit flower wall. Also made from tropical foliage and botanical plants, it provided the perfect backdrop for all those selfies and instagrammable moments.

Promotional advertising at it’s finest!

As a result, their marketing, advertising and promotion was taken to the next level. In addition to looking the part, the audience is now doing the advertising for you. Coupled with a well executed corporate event venue styling, and the social sharing of photos taken with the fantastic floral backdrop, this project was promotional advertising at it’s finest!

To see more images from the Ketel One Corporate Product Launch visit our Corporate Event Styling Page.


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