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Top Uses for a Flower Wall in Peterborough

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A Corporate Flower Wall

We have used our flower walls for many different corporate events including a business celebration, product launch and company anniversary. Flower walls are a really good talking point. They can be made from flowers using your companies colours to match their brand. Corporate events last longer than the day itself when it’s all over social media. A corporate flower wall is the excellent backdrop for photos. These photos will get shared all over social media, promoting your business long after the event

A Christening Flower Wall

A christening flower wall seems to be something that has grown in popularity recently. Weddings, Christenings and Funerals are often the only times the whole family gets together. A christening will often take place in a local building that is perfect for parking and holding all your guests, but sometimes not the perfect backdrop for photos. This is why a christening flower wall is so popular. It gives you the perfect backdrop for all the family photos you want.

These are just three of the many, many uses of a flower wall in Peterborough. If you have an event coming up and you think a flower wall would set the scene beautifully for you, then call us now. It is a great way of encouraging your guests to take more photos at your event, which creates memories that last a lifetime.

Flower Wall In Peterborough

We have been offering flower walls in Peterborough to a wide range of clients over the years. However we still meet people that ask us what a flower wall is or why they would need a flower wall at their next event. In this blog post we would like to share just some of the many ways you can use a flower wall hire in Peterborough.

A Wedding Flower Wall

The most popular use for a flower wall in Peterborough is at a wedding. A wedding flower wall is a beautiful backdrop to any wedding. It looks gorgeous in the background of photos and can present the wedding cake, or the happily married couple perfectly. It is also a brilliant backdrop for family photos if the weather isn’t great. On top of this is makes a great selfie photo backdrop too!

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Why not pop over to our facebook page to see more pictures of our flower wall hire service and events we have styled!

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