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Lets Plan!

Lets talk Office Christmas party themes! While we may still only be in November, and going through a very uncertain time, it is important to remember that we will come out of this. Now, while things may be slower, is a good time to start planning your office Christmas party. Lots of hotels are offering special deals at the moment, as business is obviously quiet for them too.

Thinking About Your Theme

One of the first things you need to do when planning an office Christmas party, is the theme. What do you want the theme of the Christmas party to be?


You could go traditional with a office Christmas party theme. This could mean sparkling snowflakes, starlight backdrops and glitter for your Christmas party decor.


Alternatively you could go for a James Bond theme with classy and sophisticated event decor. This could include red, black and gold event decor with extravagant centre pieces, a red carpet entrance and maybe even a casino?


Perhaps you would prefer something a little smaller and less formal? How about a Christmas jumper party? Everyone can arrive in their favourite Christmas jumpers and you could have sweet carts, a buffet and chocolate fountains instead of a sit down meal?

Office Christmas Party Themes, red, gold and green balloons on the ceiling of a venue

Image credit: Bubblegum Balloons

We love this creation!

Make It A Party To Remember

It is only normal that you want everyone to have a great time at your office Christmas party, but how can you make sure it is remembered for years to come? Think about photo opportunities. This could be an employee dressed as Santa in front of a starlight backdrop for example. That would make a great chance for everyone to have a photo.

No matter how big or small your office Christmas party, we can help. You tell us your budget and we can do the rest for you.

Remember, event decor will add to the cost of your event. Make sure you include it in your budget. While it may seem like an additional extra, it will really make your event a huge success. Let us help create an office Christmas party that is spoken about for years to come.

Office Christmas Party Themes, light up letters with red and green balloons and gold stars

Image credit: Confetti Castle

What an awesome welcome!

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