BlackBerry Key 2 Corporate Product Launch

The Black Flower Wall

BlackBerry Key 2 Corporate Product Launch

Our Product Launch Flower Walls

The Elegant Design team really enjoyed creating the black flower backdrop. When it was completed we all agreed that it wouldn’t look out of place at a black tie event. Even a James Bond themed ball or a large corporate party.

The brief we received from Blackberry was ‘High End and All Black’. A black flower wall to launch their product like no-other.

Using our unique and high quality products our creative team nailed the brief. Our client was thrilled with the final result. As planned, everyone who saw the black flower backdrop loved it too. It was a much talked about event. There were photos all over social media platforms and in the press too.

That’s the great thing about our product launch flower walls. They are made completely unique to the client and their requests. Whatever colour your product or brand might be, we can create a flower wall. An individual flower back drop that suits your brand, image and product.

You tell us what you want and we will create it for you!

Black is for Blackberry

Black isn’t normally the preferred colour for flowers, so we were surprised when the request came in for a corporate black flower wall. However, when we took the time to speak to the client and understand their corporate flower wall goals, we understood perfectly why they wanted a black flower wall.

We have helped many businesses with product launches. The main aim for a product launch is to get people talking. This is exactly what a flower wall does, especially when it is a black flower wall!

Blackberry contacted us to launch their Blackberry Key3 product, in style. Not only was it essential that the product launch got people talking at the event, but also to spread the word online too. Social media is such a powerful tool. The black flower backdrop certainly gives people a lot of opportunities for taking photos. The more photos the better.  

Blackberry Phone Corporate Event Flower wall london
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