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Raise A Glass Of Gin To This Flower Wall

corporate gin product launch flower wall

Realistic Foliage, Flowers and Oranges

As we do with all projects, we then set off on the hunt for foliage and flowers. Carefully choosing to suit the brand perfectly. However it wasn’t just flowers we needed to find. A first for us, we also set off on a hunt for life like artificial oranges!

After sourcing the most realistic foliage, flowers and oranges that we could find. Our corporate product launch flower wall experts started to mock up some different designs. Creating a selection for the client, we worked closely with them to see which met their vision the best.

The client loved all our ideas. We then installed the final corporate flower walls at two different sites. One of our flower walls was installed in West India Quay in London, and the second was installed in Nottingham. Both ready in plenty of time for the launch of Tanqueray Gins at Browns Brassiere and Bar.

Our corporate flower walls looked fabulous. Made perfectly ready for their summer advertising campaign. It gave the brand and product the citrus twist they were looking for. In fact after installing the flower walls in London and Nottingham, we felt there was only one thing left to do to…. raise a glass to the flower walls! A glass of gin of course!

Browns Brasserie and Bar Corporate Product Launch Flower Wall

Gin is definitely the latest ‘on trend’ drink to hit the bars and restaurants. There are new gin flavours and gin cocktails appearing all the time. In addition there are many new gin brands and gin brand launches too.

The team and Elegant Design were thrilled when asked to join forces with Tanqueray Gin, and their product launch at Browns Brasserie and Bar recently. It was a brilliant project launch to be involved in. Firstly, it made a massive impact, promoting their product and brand. Secondly, as always, we love helping our clients achieve their marketing goals!

We spoke to the client to get their flower wall brief. In other words, it is important we understand what is required. In doing this we can make sure our clients vision is bought to life and reflex their brand.

Tanquray Bar Florial Display Hire Product Launch

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