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The flower wall is becoming increasingly popular in the events industry – they add an extra dose of elegance and aesthetic beauty that really bring an event together. So what about bringing the power of flowers into your home as a permanent fixture and why? 

When we were approached by a London based interior designer to create a flower wall for a client’s flat balcony, we thought it might be tough to get it right for a  homely environment as we are so used to creating walls for extravagant events; however we accepted the challenge and the results surprised us…

When our client told us how over the moon they were with the completed wall, we realised flower walls are actually so adaptable and can literally look great anywhere, even at home. The best thing, is that they are evergreen. Using the best premium silk foliage to build our flower walls, unlike fresh flowers, they can pretty much last a lifetime too.

How we did it

Tell us what you want and we can make it happen. We were given specific measurements and a brief from the designer on what kind of style was wanted. Then we went back with a few potential ideas. Once our client had chosen their theme. We then used our expertise to hand choose the outdoor foliage, constructed the wall to then be delivered and fitted in the desired area of the customer’s home.

You don’t have to go through an interior designer to get the perfect wall. We’ll be happy to help you choose the right design, types of flower and foliage that best suits the theme or ambience of your home/garden.

The benefits of having a flower wall at home:

  • A floral or greenery wall feature is especially great for small garden spaces such as a flat balcony or box garden, as it gives the illusion of a larger natural space without the added maintenance of fresh plants (better suited to a busy lifestyle.)
  • They are durable through most weathers and how they are constructed means that you shouldn’t have them blowing away with the wind or rain.
  • Cost effective and hypoallergenic, great for homes with pets and children.
  • Got an Instagram home account, know someone who does or are you just very house proud? A bespoke flower wall is a great talking point & ideal for an unfiltered grid picture. 

In your business:

  • Set your business apart and up your brand game. We can make a bespoke design wall to match your business brand or campaign, that you can use over & over again.
  • Strong, decorative flower walls can be a focal point in your business venue. Using a wall as a visual aid, it can make your business and a customer’s experience more memorable.

For an event:

  • A flower wall can compliment any occasion and is the best backdrop for a photo opportunity, especially at wedding events. Our flowers can match your colour schemes perfectly. 

Want to know more about flower walls and what Elegant design can do for you, your home, business or event? For more information and to see some fab photo examples, head to our flower wall page.

Got a design in mind, or have seen something that you like? Contact us and we can turn your vision into reality!

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