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Fancy A Pimms At Wimbledon?

Elegant Design Flower display Pimms at Wimbledon 2019

The Pimms 2019 Corporate Flower Wall

As Wimbledon is such a prestigious sporting event it was essential that the Pimms bar stood out from the crowd. It was decided that our corporate flower wall would be located on Henman Hill / Murray Mound. With this much potential, and even the chance for it to be seen on TV screens all around the world, we knew it had to be spectacular.

Using artificial greenery and flowers to create the perfect flowery background for a sunny day in Wimbledon, the corporate flower wall looked anything but fake. However with all the lovely weather it also lasted the test of time.

Our Pimms corporate flower wall was made up on white roses, rose buds, hydrangeas and more. The flower wall was absolutely spectacular and the crowds loved it.

Throughout the day people were queuing up to take photos in front of the Pimms flower wall. It looked as good as new from the very start, right through to the very end. People were touching and stroking the wall as they thought it was made from fresh flowers (definitely not an option in the hot summer sun)!

If you’re looking for a way to get your target audience to promote your business or brand for you, why not call us about a corporate flower wall for your next event?

A Glass of Fruity Pimms

Is there anything better than a nice glass of fruity Pimms in your hand when you’re sat on the grass, in the sunshine watching some of the finest tennis in the world? Of course there isn’t. However sometimes people need to reminded of how well Pimms and Wimbledon go together. This is where we came in.

While people know that strawberries and cream go perfectly together with Wimbledon. The connection of Pimms Wimbledon bar and Wimbledon is not quite there yet. People need to be reminded, and that is exactly what we helped Pimms do.

Pimms contacted us and asked us to create a floral backdrop for their Pimms bar at the All England Lawn Tennis Club in Wimbledon. This was one of our first corporate flower wall projects and a big deal for us. In fact this is still one of our proudest moments to date.

Elegant Design Pimms in London Wimbledon 2019

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